Fundraiser Specialist ( To Help Non-Profit Organizations: Using Mobile Advertising As A Fundraising Vehicle & Benefit To Members

Hear Thee, Hear Thee, Here's The Buzz!

Hear Thee, Hear Thee, Here's The Buzz!

This Is The No-Cost Fundraiser That Is Creating A Buzz All Around The Country that was developed as a cost effective way for Non-Profits, Organizations, Clubs, Schools, Churches, Special Causes & Others to fulfill an ongoing need to raise money. Due to our nation's falling economy, donations to charitable organizations have plummeted and charities are struggling for ways to raise revenue to support their causes. I-texts is a state-of-the-art text advertising platform with a viable solution whereby charities can perpetually raise money by participating in a revenue sharing plan at no-cost to them or their supporters / members. Together We Can Make A Difference!


This Is The Fundraiser That Is Creating A Buzz All Around The Country,
A Great Vehicle And Vital Tool To Benefit Your Supporters / Members & Help Raise Much Needed Funds


Mobile Phone Use is MASSIVE: How massive? Mobile phones connected and in use totally dwarf any other tech, outnumbering television sets by more than 2 to 1, personal computers of all types, including tablet PCs like the iPad, by more than 4 to 1, DVD players by 5 to 1. Newspaper circulations by 12 to 1. Even after we account for us Westerners owning many FM radio sets, in our clock-radios, our boom boxes, our home HiFi sets and our cars, when counting for the whole planet, the number of mobile phones exceeds FM radios even, today.

The second most sold consumer tech is the personal computer (including desktops, laptops and tablet PCs like the iPad) which has annual sales of about 350 million per year. The third most sold tech is televisions which only sell 250 million per year. Everything else is peanuts below that, from gaming consoles to cameras. But Mobile Phones? Sold OVER 1.7 Billion Units Last Year!


  • Three to One is the current ratio of cell phones to computers.
  • 60 Seconds is the amount of time it takes about 90% of consumers to open and read a new text message after it's received.
  • 20 Times is the response rate, compared to traditional advertising methods such as print, banner ads, pay-per-click, or email.
  • Ten Times is the rate of mobile coupons redeemed versus traditional coupons.
  • Seventy Three Percent of consumers WANT to receive special offers on their mobile devices.
  • Volume sales of smartphones reached 97.7 million handsets in the US 2012, with volume sales increasing by 26%.


If your Organization is looking for a fundraiser that provides significant value to your Supporters / Members and generates a steady stream of revenue for your Organization, you will want to consider this Fundraiser, that is creating quite a buzz around the Country. A high percentage of your Supporters / Members will consider it a gift that adds significant value to their Support & Association with your cause.  Benefits include:


  • Your Supporters / Members have NO obligation to make a purchase -- your organization receives revenue simply through your members receiving texts.
  • Your Supporters / Members will receive discounts, specials and information on family appropriate products and services generally based on member preferences. It is hassle-free!
  • This Fundraiser provides residual income that multiplies through Members referring their friends, family and colleagues, anywhere in the Country.
  • Supporters / Members that have completed their profile and checked the box to be entered into the I-texts sweepstakes have a chance to win $5,000 in cash for every 1 million paid texts that go out. Every time a text is sent to them, it could be a winning text. If a member that joined through your I-texts platform wins the sweepstakes, I-texts will also present you with a check for $1,250!
  • Your members have 100% control of their participation with the I-texts Program. If they wish to stop, it is quick and easy, taking only a few seconds to text "stop" to "short code 70000".
  • And did we mentioned that there is No-Cost to You or Your Supporters / Members for this Fundraiser?


In 2013 Ad Spending in the US was $170 billion. These same advertisers are eager to spend advertising dollars in the mobile text messaging advertising market. With I-texts and its thousands of nonprofit organizations, they now have an effective way to go directly to the consumer with their products or services and your nonprofit organization has the opportunity to capture a share of the advertising revenue for organization's fund-raising needs. It is truly a win-win for everyone!


How It Works: I-texts is working with nationally known brands and advertisers to market their goods and services through the I-texts mobile texting platform to our registered nonprofit organizations. As a registered charitable organization, you have an opportunity to be a a member of our revenue sharing plan through the I-texts platform. This, in return, allows our advertisers to send, via our mobile texting platform, opt-in text messages, coupons and special offers to supporters that have opted-in through your organization at no cost to you.


Revenue Sharing: Your supporters agree to receive up to three text ads per day and with each text they receive, your organization receives a generous share of the gross text price paid to I-texts from our registered advertisers. Every enrolled member's mobile phone is a revenue generator for your organization -- and their friends and families can also register to receive text messaging advertisements to support your cause. Again, your supporters are not required to open the text for you to receive your share of the advertising revenue -- they just agree to receive the text advertisement.

Why Is There So Much BUZZ About This Fundraiser? There Are Several Reasons Why! With our Charitable Revenue Sharing Program, you will be able to significantly increase exposure for your cause and increase your donations. We provide your members/supporters, who may not be able to give financially, a cost effective way to contribute. It is easy for them to share your cause with their friends as well as provide advertisers an effective platform to send valuable savings and special offers directly to your Supporters / Members. As you can see in the illustration below, the revenue potential is significant. It is basically a way for advertisers to contribute to your cause. Here are examples of the program:

How Do Supporters / Members Sign-Up? Your supporters will have a double opt-in registration process to follow. Step 1: They simply need to text your organization's special keyword to "short code 70000," along with their zip code and email address. The keyword is provided to you by I-texts. Step 2: They will immediately receive a text message back with a link asking them to complete their quick registration, pick their product preferences for the text ads they wish to receive from our advertisers, and enter their cell number with basic information on a web sign-up page that is coded to your organization.

Sample Sign-Up Flyer For Your Supporters / Members:  Ez Sign-Up Instructions For Supporters / Members

They can also start the procedure on your personalized I-texts web sign-up page. If they choose to register through your web sign-up page, they will be prompted and must text in your organization's keyword in order to be activated. No one will receive text messages unless they text in your organization's keyword and have agreed to support your organization by receiving up to three text advertising messages per day. The text messages they receive will be from "short code 70000" and I-texts will be the first word in the text message.

Why & How Members / Supporters Can & Will Join...

With no cost to us, where does the money come from? Advertisers spent over $170 billion last year to reach their audience. These advertisers pay I-texts to send texts out on a per text basis. We, in turn, pay your organization a generous portion of these fees. Everyone wins!

How can members share this with their friends, family and business associates? The best way for members to share I-texts with friends, family and business associates is to forward their charitable organization's customized flyer to them or send your website link to register. I-texts is "social media" friendly, allowing your members to easily share your link. They can easily refer friends, family and business associates to support your organization with I-texts. Everyone they refer, who joins I-texts through your flyer or link, begins receiving text advertisements from our advertisers and your organization reaps the benefits.

What if members wish to stop receiving text advertising? We believe we will earn their business by providing them with great deals and specials while supporting their favorite nonprofit or charity. But, if they wish to stop, it is quick and easy, taking only a few seconds to text "stop" to "short code 70000."


Will I have a way to track the text activity for my organization? Yes. You will be able to log into your I-texts back office and see how many members have enrolled with your group, how many texts have been sent to your members in a given period and how much revenue you will receive.

What will I-texts do to help my organization take advantage of this opportunity? We have developed an 11-step marketing plan that will help you attract your members/sponsors to join the I-texts program on your behalf. Your I-texts representatives will work closely with you to make sure you are able to attract as many members as possible. We want you to be successful and your success will provide our advertisers with an effective marketing approach while providing your members/supporters with valuable offers and savings.

As fundraisers go, this one meets all of the important criteria; it provides significant value to your Supporters / Members, no cost to the Organization, no creditability risk to the Organization, residual income that multiplies through Supporters / Members referring others, and once introduced to the Supporters / Members, the Program requires zero maintenance.


Are you ready to take advantage of this No-Cost To You OR To Your Supporters / Members Fundraiser Opportunity to gain much needed support from your Supporters / Members? Please review the following for further information:   1) Short Power Point Presentation   2) Two Page Informational Brochure   3) Revenue Sharing Program Guide   4) Sample Organization's Sign-Up Form   5) Finally, Everyone Can Participate Flyer   6) What Is Your Organization's Goal?

Let's Recap Benefits For Your Supporters / Members...


How long does it take to get the system set up? You can begin building your revenue stream in as little as one week after we receive your signed documents. Call, text or email today and let's get started! Contact your Fundraiser Specialist listed below to answer any and all questions that you might have.  We also provide you with a Quick-Start Coaching Call!   


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